bsmoble (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") complies with the personal information protection regulations of related laws and regulations to be complied with by information and communication service providers such as information communication network promotion and information protection law, privacy protection law, communication privacy protection law, , We are committed to protecting the rights and interests of users by establishing a privacy policy in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

Privacy Statement

1. Article 1 Items of personal information to be collected and method of collection

1. Items of personal information to collect
  A) "Company" collects personal information such as the following when you accept mobile web.
① Required personal information: mobile phone number, game use log, access log and authentication date, purchase history, communication company information, terminal information (model name, OS version)

I. How to collect personal information
  The company collects personal information during the first execution, game use, network access after purchasing game.

2. How to collect personal information
  A) "Company" collects personal information in the following manner.
① When you sign up for or accept mobile Web membership

Article 2 Collection and Use of Personal Information

The purpose of collecting and using personal information collected by "Company" is as follows.
A) Purpose of collection and use of personal information collected when signing up or receiving mobile web membership
① Identification information such as name (nickname), login ID, password, etc.: Confirmation of identity through e-mail and mobile phone authentication, duplicate registration confirmation, customer consultation, prevention of use of bad member
② Mobile carrier and mobile phone number, e-mail address: Providing notification of new information and event information, ensuring smooth communication path such as notification of notification, confirmation of own person, complaint handling

(B) the purpose of collecting and using information that is automatically generated and collected;
① New service or product development and specialization, provision of services according to demographic characteristics, advertisement distribution, frequency of access, statistics on membership service utilization, preservation of records for dispute settlement, complaint handling, etc. Etc

Article 3 Sharing and Providing Personal Information Collected

1. "Company" shall use your personal information only for the purpose of collecting and using personal information, except for the case explicitly stated in this Privacy Policy, Or to third parties. However, except for cases where the member has agreed in advance, or when there is a request from a government agency or investigative agency with proper authority in accordance with procedures and methods specified by laws and regulations.

2. If the Company determines that it is necessary to provide your personal information to a third party in order to provide better services, the Company shall have the right to know in advance what affiliates are provided with information, The purpose of providing personal information, and the period of time during which the affiliated company retains and uses the provided personal information.

Article 4 Consignment of Personal Information

1. "Company" will manage your personal information directly to protect your valuable personal information. However, "Company" is not required to provide personal information to a third party if it is necessary to entrust your personal information to a third specialized agency in order to provide professional services to the customer. After the procedure, you can entrust the third professional agency with handling of your personal information.

2. The "Company" entrusts the following personal information for the performance of the service. In accordance with the related laws and regulations, the Company stipulates the matters necessary for the personal information to be managed safely in the contract of consignment. The following is the details of the personal information consignment processing agency and commissioned business of "Company".

Affiliate: Weed Web Co., Ltd., Personal Information Item: Cell phone number, Purpose: To send SMS, hold and use period: SMS

Article 5 Retention and use period of personal information

1. "Company", in principle, will keep your personal information until you leave the membership, and will destroy the information without delay when you leave the membership or the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, in accordance with the terms and internal policies, "Company" retains personal information for 30 days after membership withdrawal in order to prevent fraudulent use, and after this period, your personal information will be completely deleted.

2. "Company" keeps personal information that needs to be preserved in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as commercial law, consumer protection law in e-commerce. The items, reasons and duration of the personal information set forth by the related laws are as follows.
A) Records of consumer complaints or disputes
- Reason for Preservation: Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc.
- Retention period: 3 years

B) Record of identity verification
- Reason for Preservation: Act on Information Network Promotion and Information Protection, etc.
- Retention period: 6 months

C) Records of visits
- Reason for Preservation: Communication Confidentiality Protection Act
- Retention period: 3 months

Article 6 Procedure for the destruction of personal information

The procedures and methods for destroying personal information when the "Company" has passed the retention period or the purpose of collection and use has been achieved are as follows.
A) Destruction procedure
  The personal information you provide will be safeguarded in accordance with the technical and managerial protection policy of the company and the information you input for membership etc. will be used for a certain period of time according to the internal policy and other information protection reasons It is saved and discarded. This personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the possession, except by law.

B) Destruction method
  Personal information printed on paper is shredded or destroyed by incineration, and personal information stored in the form of an electronic file is deleted using a technical method that can not reproduce the record.

Article 7 Rights of customers and legal representatives and how to exercise them

1. You may withdraw your consent to the collection of personal information by writing, telephone or e-mail to the person in charge of personal information management of the "Company". In such case, "Company" We will take necessary measures such as destruction of personal information concerned except case. However, if the personal information is destroyed, related information created and accumulated by the member using the service of "company" may be destroyed together.

2. You may request to view and correct the personal information of the Company, and the Company will take necessary measures if necessary.

3. "Company" means that if your agent visits, requests to view or correct, you will be asked whether you are a true agent, and in this case, "Company" may require you to show proof of proxy relationship.

4. The "Company" will notify you without delay and explain the reason for any reason to refuse to read or to request correction of your personal information about all or part of the personal information concerned.

5. The change of the essential input items provided by the customer when joining the membership is a matter that can cause errors in the service provided by the company. Therefore, the company must change the required input items of the member You can request a separate procedure for that customer.

Article 8 Matters concerning the installation / operation and rejection of automatic collection of personal information

1. "Company" can install and operate a device that automatically collects personal information such as 'cookies' that store and find your information from time to time. A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your browser by the server used to run the "company" site and is stored on your computer's hard disk. "Company" uses cookies, etc. for the following purposes:

2. Purpose of use, such as cookies, to analyze the frequency of visitors and non-members 'visitation times, to identify customers' preferences and interests, and to provide targeted marketing and personalized services through traceability, Is located.

3. You have the option of installing cookies. As a result, you can allow all cookies by setting options in your web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

4. You can refuse to set cookies by selecting the option of your web browser so that you can accept all cookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies.

Article 9 Technical and administrative protection measures of personal information

"The Company" has taken the following technical and administrative measures to ensure the safety of personal information in order to prevent loss, theft, leakage, alteration or damage of personal information in handling the customer's personal information.
A) Password encryption
  Your ID (password) is encrypted and stored and managed. Only you know it, and you can check or change your personal information only by someone who knows your password.

B) Measures against hacking
"The Company" does its utmost to prevent leakage or damage to your personal information by hacking or computer viruses.
In order to prevent personal information from being damaged, we are backing up the data from time to time. We use the latest vaccine program to prevent personal information or data from being leaked or damaged. We also want to securely transmit personal information on the network through encrypted communication. We are. We use intrusion prevention system to control unauthorized access from outside, and try to have all possible technical devices to secure system security.

C) Minimization and training of handling staff
Personal information related to the "Company" Employees are limited to the person in charge and are given a separate password for this purpose, and are regularly updated. We constantly emphasize the importance of compliance with the privacy policy through regular training.

Article 10 Personal information manager or personal information manager

"The Company" is committed to making safe use of good services for its customers. In case of any incidents that are against the notice to the customer due to the reason of the company's responsibility in protecting the personal information, the personal information department takes all responsibility. However, in the event of any damage, infringement or leakage of information due to unforeseen accidents caused by basic network dangers such as hacking, etc., despite technical remedies, No responsibility. "The Company" designates the relevant department and the person in charge of personal information management in order to protect the personal information of the customer and to deal with complaints about the personal information.

(bsmoble customer support center
Fax: 82-70-7337-1848
Address: No. 241, Yabun-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan 16-61
Weekdays Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
Lunch time: 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm (lunch is not available on the phone)

Personal information manager
  Name / Title:
Phone: 82-70-7542-7012

Personal information manager
  Name / Title:
Phone: 82-70-7542-70128

If you need to report or consult about other privacy infringement, please contact the following organizations.
- Personal Dispute Mediation Committee ( / 82-1336)
- Information Protection Mark Certification Committee ( / 82-02-580-0533 ~ 4)
- Internet Crime Investigation Center of Supreme Prosecutors' Office ( / 02-3480-3600)
- The Cyber ​​Terror Response Center ( / 82-02-392-0330)

You may notify the personal information manager or the person in charge of personal information management of all personal information related complaints generated by using the service of "company", or you may do so through the customer center of "company".

"Company" will respond promptly and fully to your complaint.

Article 11 Miscellaneous

"Company" may provide you with links to other companies' websites or materials. In this case, "Company" has no control over external sites and materials and can not be held responsible for the usefulness, truthfulness, and legitimacy of the services or materials provided from them. If you click on a link that contains "Company" and move to the page of another site, please check the policy of the new site since the privacy policy of the site is not related to "Company".

Article 12 Obligation of Notification
  If we add, delete or modify the contents of our privacy policy at present, we will notify you through "Announcement" on the homepage at least 7 days before the revision. However, if there is any change in the rights or important contents of the membership, we will notify you at least 30 days before.